New queens, Spain and portugal

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New queens, Spain and portugal

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Tue Aug 07, 2018 8:14 am

I was on summer holiday in Portugal and I was able to catch lots of queens. I brought them to Spain but dont worry I was on 150km away. I believe that I caught 7 camponotus (unknown species) and another one that I cant identify.
Two days ago I also caught another one with an unknown ID.

Queen ant 1.
This is what I believe a camponotus and I would like to know its species or at least a verification of the genus. 17 mm.
I have 7 of them, 6 with eggs.

Queen ant 2
This queen measures 12mm, I would like to know the genus and the species if possibls
It has laid two eggs, that are orange.*****

Queen ant 3
This is the third queen and the smallest, it messures 5mm and hasnt laid eggs yet. Can someone tell me at least its genus.

x1 Tapinoma erraticum
x2 Lasius niger

x7 Camponotus
x1 Unknown

Tetramorium sp


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