Queen ant right after storm

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Queen ant right after storm

Post: # 100649Post TheUltimateAnt
Tue May 14, 2024 1:31 pm

Just found this (I think it's a queen) outside, it had it's wings on still and it was looking around all the wet dirt, it just finished storming heavily and was high humidity and the winds were still, I waited about 2 hours till after the storm, not sure what species it is but I think its a camponotus? if it's a queen I hope it's mated

I couldn't get the exact size in millimeters and it was biting the cotton so I really don't want to stress it out anymore, but in comparison to queens I've had before I'd say it was around 10ish mm, maybe 8-9

Southern Florida in my neighborhood.
I think it might be camponotus floridanus?

It's a dark reddish brown and the abdomen is reddish black
Caught it at around 2:10PM est

It was about to get lost to time in the dirt while it was heading under pavement so I really rushed getting it in when I saw that, it's wings vanished when I did that.. hopefully it's okay? it's stressed out so I don't want to look in the testtube to see if they are in there, it's stowed away right now.


Thanks for any identification help :) Sorry if the photos were blurry.

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Re: Queen ant right after storm

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Tue May 14, 2024 11:01 pm

Hello. So I think she is camponotus, but I'm not sure. Can you get a few clearer photos? Don't take her out right now, maybe send the pictures tomorrow or day after so you don't disturb her too much.
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