Review and unboxing of Small Solenopsis Hybrid Nest

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Review and unboxing of Small Solenopsis Hybrid Nest

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Wed Aug 12, 2015 9:08 pm

First off I was impressed with the time I received it. It was well packaged with bubble wrap so it wouldn't be damaged in shipping. The Contents of the box are as follows:

1 hybrid nest (made up of the base plate and the nest, the glass cover, and the cover it self)
2 Water well covers
1 precut piece of cotton
1 Large test tube with stopper
1 short length of 1/2" tubing
1 Printed Thank you sheet with a web link for instructions for the hybrid nest (downloadable PDF file)

I was impressed with the design and over all look of the nest. It seemed very well thought out in design and function. The prepackaged precut cotton was a nice touch (thought I would have to pack the substrate well with cotton balls). Everything fit great together and was impressed with the thickness of the glass pane cover (seen many products that used very thin glass or plastic).

Over all I would rate it 9 of 10. Let me say why only a 9... Because two reasons #1 There will always be room for improvements on designs meaning that it will only get better thru research and use by the buyers. And #2 I didn't think of it myself! LOL

Over all a great product that I would for sure endorse to any Ant Lover that's looking for a premade nest!

Below is a over view of the nest

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