A Terrarium Jumping With Joy

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A Terrarium Jumping With Joy

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Sun Oct 16, 2022 12:33 am

Cricket feeding and farming is all the norm, but I've caught myself wondering what more there is to the cricket.
I'm new here, and semi new viewer to antsc AntsCanada. I've watched many videos in the past, but after moving across the country I've drifted away. Now I'm back to viewing though and it's as wonderful to watch as ever.
Back to the crickets though. They're simple little fellas, they bounce, they clean their antenna, they stink like dirty feet, and they get eaten. They spend their time living together in plastic bins with egg cartons and the such, until it's antin' time. A known process.
Other species of insects, such as termites, and now even a giant centipede have found their way into our sights, but we still haven't given any attention to the little man who's been there from the very start. The cricket!

In short I believe the cricket deserves it's time to finally shine, and one day possibly have a select few crickets be selected to start their very own colony in a personalized (and stinky) terrarium of their own to call home, and I'd like to see if anyone else may feel the same way.

It would be an interesting perspective to peak into the lives of these little bouncy buggy bovines. :mrgreen:

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Re: A Terrarium Jumping With Joy

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Mon Mar 27, 2023 3:55 am

I think the reason crickets don't get much attention is that there is not much to them. For tarantulas and centipedes, their feeding style or colours are what makes them cool. Colony species like termites and ants have their own cool points. But for crickets, all the do is jump around,.live under egg crates, and their feeding isnt as cool. You just put food and they eat it. And also crickets are more likely to carry more diseases that cockroaches, thats why even some cockroaches got special attention under exotic pets
Ants I have-
camponotus compressus colony- the shadow warriors.
Pls just let me have a tetramorium colony

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