I no longer have any colonies. :(

Let us know of your ant colonies or queens that have passed away. We will grieve together but will also learn why your ants may not have succeeded.

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I no longer have any colonies. :(

Post: # 34611Post i2chip
Sat Mar 24, 2018 7:31 pm

I used to have a fairly large S. invica and a small C. castaneus colony.
A while back my S. invicta colony got so big I couldn't contain them even when given more room, they would escape, there were just too many workers. I released them so they are either MIA/dead.
Recently: My small C. castaneus colony which had 6 workers at the time each worker about two years old (she didn't produce any workers the 2nd year) I decided to release her when I noticed she laid a decent sized egg clutch and one of the workers had died, but the other workers were actually gathering food now. This colony like the other one is assumed to be dead but I know where I released it and will keep my eye out for a nest.

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Re: I no longer have any colonies. :(

Post: # 34648Post antnest8
Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:55 pm

hope your next season is good. i once released my camponotus queen into the wild but found a worker 4 months later. still looking to see if they are alive as well

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