Important questions about sugar sources!

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Important questions about sugar sources!

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Sun Jun 24, 2018 5:53 am

I have currently been feeding my founding Tetramorium colony small pieces of organic strawberries as a sugar source. I have been curious about switching to organic honey but I don’t know what kind of honey, such as raw or preceded organic honey my ants would need. I’ve also wanted to try a test tube of sugar water that they could attain both sugar and water from, or is that not the case because if I were to be away for a few days, that would be an easy two in one for the sugar source! All advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance :D
Been ant keeping for 1 full year now and have 1 successful Tetramorium sp. E colony, 2 Lasius flavus queens, and 1 Lasius neoniger queen! Even though I’m fairly new, I’m passionate about the hobby and appreciate much advise!

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