Best foods for Western Harvesters

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Best foods for Western Harvesters

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Wed Mar 31, 2021 1:12 pm

Received a colony of Pogo Occidentalis ants as a gift, which was lovely and thoughtful. Only problem is, these aren't native ants and all I know about them, I learned from the Squat brothers, Jack and Diddly. So I've done a lot of research online. Seeds are the number one diet staple, so I've given them dandelion and grass seeds, both of which they snapped right up. They've got a test tube of water they've been drinking from, as well as a well-hydrated nest because I read the queen likes very high humidity. What have actual keepers of this species been giving their girls? I recently added some bee pollen in granuals, which I'm offering my Campos as well, and some honey. Is that enough protein for Pogos? I read they're not too into insects and that they can actually cause trouble in their nest by growing mold when they store the insects with their seeds. T/F?
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Re: Best foods for Western Harvesters

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Wed Apr 21, 2021 5:55 pm

Well what a coincidence I just got two colony
Colonies of the Pogonomyrmex occidentalis just two weeks ago. One ordered from Tar Heel ants with 40+ workers. Two ordered from some place on the internet with 700+ workers. The one I ordered from the internet I ordered after the Tar Heel ant one. I have been keeping them for quite a while now just buy them every once and a while. This is my 10th time of buying these girls and now from keeping them for a while I know a lot of about keeping them, all tho I still ask for info to people who are more experienced keeping these girls. So I give them meat instead of insects. Personally they love turkey and chicken. But have never tried other meat. I give them grass seeds and dandelion seeds. I also give them bird seeds. I pick out all the stuff that is not seeds in the bird seeds. And they tend to like dry places to have a dry place to store their seeds. They also like a some-what moist place to store their larvae and eggs. I have observed they enjoy storing their pupae with their seeds because that place is dry. I love watching the 700+ worker colony carry the entire piece of chicken back to the nest for consumption. I find these ants can be lazy when Carrying garbage to their garbage place. I guess they are disgusted by it. Also I find that meat is much better for these ants since the ants don’t have to carry non-edible exoskeleton to their poop pile.

So good luck!
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