Pogonomyrmex Californicus Diet

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Pogonomyrmex Californicus Diet

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Tue Sep 08, 2020 10:39 pm

So back in I want to say maybe sometime in april, maybe may I found a pogonomyrmex californicus queen in my yard, central/northern california, Turlock to be specific. Ive kept her in a small 1gallon critter keeper with sand since then and have a vial of water another vial of sugar water and have offered her seeds Dill and Fennel, aswell as assorted dead insects, beetles, earwigs, and one time a skipper butterfly, but I have not seen her take food down into her nest every and the majority of the insect parts just lay on top and dry out. In this amount of time ive seen no workers whatsoever, just her exploring around her outworld. any tips on what i could feed her? and any idea as to why im not seeing workers?

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