Pheidole Dentigula Food Preferences

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Pheidole Dentigula Food Preferences

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Fri Sep 20, 2019 5:50 pm

Pheidole Dentigula seem to be very picky eaters!
So far the most success has been with flightless gnats. I think this has to do with a number of factors, besides simply being picky eaters!
1. They are a small colony. 2. Of moderately small ants, relative to Pheidole sizes. Hard to take down large prey.
Though even with tiny pieces (cut down), they simply will not touch, even seem repulsed by some foods, eg. Large roaches.

I had 20 gnats (live), in there this morning. Now there are 5. So they are hunting them down.
I didn't want to kill the gnats and have them sit and start to mold, and/or not get eaten, being that these ants do not seem to enjoy long dead food at all. And so im happy that the ants are actively hunting the food while it stays fresh (alive).
It is quite a sight to see an ant a quarter of the size of the gnat, dragging it across the moss, while also getting tossed around in the process.
Will power!

An update on food.. they enjoy Medjool Dates!
I've been concerned about their lack of interest in any sugars.

Anybody have Pheidole Dentigula? Or other Pheidole that are picky eaters?

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