Ectomomyrmex feeding

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Ectomomyrmex feeding

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Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:24 am

I recently captured six Ectomomyrmex javanus queens and placed them into tubs&tubes setups as they are semi-claustral. And since the are, I tried feeding them mealworms and honey. But it seems like theywere pretty reluctant on feeding on them
They took tiny, microscopic sips from the already small drops of honey, and only 2 approached the mealworm and looked like they were feeding on it. They rest just hid in the soil and moss
Are ectomomyrmex or closely related, or relatively similar species picky eaters?
I've seen posts of them consuming cricket halfs and legs but never mealworms. will I have to get cricket legs instead?
I've placed them in the day before yesterday, so it could have been from stress maybe

Feedback and help will be greatly appreciated. thank you.

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