Best formicarium for solenopsis molesta

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Best formicarium for solenopsis molesta

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Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:56 pm

About 9 months ago I found a mated solenopsis molesta(or so I think) and without knowing any better I put her in one of those gel ant farms. She has somewhere between 6-10 in her brood right now but about 2 weeks ago I noticed some brown spots forming that I think is mold. I want to get her and the brood out.

So my plan is to put the farm in the fridge to make them hybernate and drill a hole in the side, then get them in a test tube and put them in a homemade formicarium.

My questions are, is this my best option to get them out? And if so, what's the best type of homemade formicarium to place them in after their out?

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