Large classic ant farm build

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Large classic ant farm build

Post: # 37536Post acasta
Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:45 pm

Hi all,

I remember having a small ant farm as a kid, and I've wanted to do a large version that in my house for years. I have a few questions about the build before I start. Thanks in advance for the help!

I'm thinking the around 900(h)x600(w)mm, as thats a typical material size. It looks like I can buy a Pheidole queen locally (Melbourne, Australia) so I would likely go with that, but happy to try something else.

How far down/out are ants likely to dig?
How fast do they dig down?
Will one queen be enough to raise a colony that will expand down?
Do queens die and need to be replaced, or do they create a new one?
How thick (between two sheets) should the farm be? I was thinking about 20-30mm?
Are the following materials safe: Acrylic sheet, dressed hardwood, treated pine, Melamine MDF, silicone caulk? Acrylic on one side, white mdf on the other.
Can I bury food/items for them to eventually find as the go down? Any ideas there?
How high should I fill the tank, and with what?


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Re: Large classic ant farm build

Post: # 37920Post Ltislander
Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:43 pm

1. They will dig most likely as far as the bottom when they are big enough.
2. It depends on how many workers they have. If it's one it will be slow, 2- 3 a little bit faster, etc.
3. One queen is enough, but if they can support multiple queens i'd recommend that. But wait until the first one has a few workers.
4. they will most likely live for 5 years and up. If it dies then you will need to *try* and introduce them. The may die because of the workers.
5. 20-30 mm should be fine.
6. I'm not sure if they are safe.
7. Don't bury food items, feed them when they're hungry
8. Probably 3/4 the way up. Sand? Soil? Anything, just be sure to boil or bake it if you get it from outside.
Also don't do this if it's just the queen only introduce her when she has workers.

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Re: Large classic ant farm build

Post: # 47722Post idahoantgirl
Fri Aug 17, 2018 10:33 am

Pheidole is Polygynous, but yeah for most species definitely.
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