Terrarium set up

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Terrarium set up

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Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:05 pm

So I just got a Carpenter queen, I was planning on converting a Aquarium to a Terrarium for them, My only issue is IDK if carpenter ants can use the 90 degree angles to climb out (being i lost the lid)

I was going to have a potted dirt filler on the bottom a wooden log (bought at pet store ment for small reptiles to climb and slightly hollow for them to hide but mostly solid.) some plants for ascetics, and possibly some other critters to form a mini biome.

So questions is. are they able to climb the 90 degree angles? if they are if i cub the angles with tubing or something would that help? And is there any advice for me being that I learned in a brief research they nest in both logs and dirt.

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