Solenopsis invicta setup

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Solenopsis invicta setup

Post: # 21761Post cobratank
Thu May 25, 2017 10:56 pm

First of all, I love how big this community has gotten. I remember the old AntsCanada store from 2011 (and when AntsCanada had under 10k subs). I raised a Solenopsis invicta colony in the old pumice stone nest. I decided to return to ant keeping. I just found a Solenopsis invicta queen, and I think she has laid a couple of eggs. I am trying to plan for the future for when the colony gets big. Should I get the Omni Nest Starter Pack, or the Solenopis starter pack? I like the Omni Nest since it is bigger, but would you recommend it due to fire ants being escape artists over the Sol. starter pack? I do not plan on moving a small colony into the Omni Nest straight away however, but I plan on using the test tube portal. I do not plan to buy both. Any help would be appreciated!

(I do not own the pumice stone nest anymore)

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Re: Solenopsis invicta setup

Post: # 21762Post Theantguy13
Thu May 25, 2017 11:03 pm

Well I had a Solenopsis Xyloni colony a few months back, about 20 workers strong, I bought an Omni-nest and they seemed to like it, although they didn't move in because they died due to unknown circumstances about 3 days after I introduced them to it...

I'd say get the Omni nest kit, it comes with a test tube portal which is amazing, because if their founding tube is moldy or dry, they can just move to a different one that is attached, this is much safer than attaching the tubes with tape, or even leaving a gap for air, let alone it is virtually escape-proof AND you can use it as a mini outworld. I know now for sure that my next colony that gets large will for sure be moved into the portal first, then the Omni nest.
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