Subterranean Ants

Show us your formicariums and ant setup, ask formicarium-related questions, or share your experiences with building an ant home. Here you will also find formicarium requirements for specific ant species.

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Subterranean Ants

Post: # 14769Post leoohyama
Sun Nov 13, 2016 3:57 pm

Hi all,

New to the forum community.

I've been trapping subterranean ants (S. carolinensis, Neivamyrmex, etc.) in Florida. I've been successful to some degree with my target of thief ants (Solenopsis. sub genre dilporhoptrum) I've been working on finding a technique to get queen-right colonies to move in to my trap. However, the issue I have right now is my formicarium design. These little guys need humidity to survive, but fluon and other substances degrade in high humidity. I've read that crisco vegetable oil might be of use, but I have doubts on that. Has anyone here ever successfully kept thief ants alive in their own formicariums?

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