My tunnels collapse

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My tunnels collapse

Post: # 75507Post liljayzee999
Sun Feb 21, 2021 6:44 pm

Hey, so I was trying to add an outworld to my setup and I accidently collared a tunnel my queen ant was in. I can see her right now and was wondering in i should do a rescue mission.. will soon if none replies.. Or if I should let her and her workers fix the promlem. only she is stuck as far as i can tell, only 11 workers.

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Re: My tunnels collapse

Post: # 75512Post LaSiUsNiGeR
Mon Feb 22, 2021 2:49 am

you should let the workers fix it. if you try to rescue the queen you might injure the queen.
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Re: My tunnels collapse

Post: # 75516Post AM1C39
Mon Feb 22, 2021 7:48 am

If the workers do not fix it in 4 days you should do a rescue mission. To rescue them use a small spoon and slowly scoup out dirt, be very careful you do not collapse any more tunnels if you do tries to rescue them)
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