Is my formicarium ok for Myrmica Rubra?

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Is my formicarium ok for Myrmica Rubra?

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Tue Feb 04, 2020 8:42 am

Hi guys and girls, I have set up a modular system for some Myrmica Rubra. Ignore the tank on the left it’s housing my messor barbarus colony. The second tank and four cylinders are the ones in question. They have soil with slates on top and a few mixed in. A small heat mat under the tank and an aquarium t5 tube above. There is an auto water dropper piped in for one minute per day. I was unsure as to what else I need to do for them before I go ahead and get a young colony. What’s their ideal diet and should I use and plants/ any moss etc. Oh and also does anyone know if you can later add more fresh queens to the colony once it’s matured a little?.

Thanks in advance.
Jim, UK

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