Question about building materials! (Also a question about feeding)

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Question about building materials! (Also a question about feeding)

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Sun Sep 08, 2019 6:44 pm

So, I know some ants are sensitive to various chemicals. But I won't be able to buy a fancy setup for my two small but growing colonies. (One tetramorium caespitum, the other camponotus modoc) I very much want to make really fancy and pretty setups, that will likely end up being as much art as they are ant nests. Are there any paints, glues, and other building materials that are both safe and easy to get? I'm hoping to use some sort of clay to build the majority of the land in my formicariums, so it can harden and keep the details I'll put in. Also, are fake plants generally safe? Or are there sometimes problems with dye? Each colony only has four-six workers right now so I have a bit of time to work on these.

Also! Soon they'll need food, as in the next batch of workers will make about ten. But I can't risk any escapes right now or I may not get to keep these ants. Would it be okay to place their test tubes in small containers with no decorations and put straws in the cotton blocks in their test tubes so they can access the food in the container but outside their test tubes? And how often do I feed them?
Camponotus Modoc Queens:
Gold: Four workers
Bronze: It's complicated
Silver: Gone :,<

Tetramorium Caespitum Queens:
Rose: 5-6 workers
Iris: Likely not fertile
Wings: Almost certainly not fertile
Stubby: Gone :,<

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