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Show us your formicariums and ant setup, ask formicarium-related questions, or share your experiences with building an ant home. Here you will also find formicarium requirements for specific ant species.

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Re: Advice for Formicarium

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Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:30 pm

nate2o1 wrote:
Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:28 pm
Well, working on the formacarium Im not too happy with it. The gaps in the front concerns me that they can burrow through it. I decided to start over, so that there are no gaps. But on that note, what you are saying is that those entrances are enough for air to circulate in? That would be the only air going into the nesting area as the top will be pretty air tight so that they can't dig through the sides. Maybe a few more entrances? Again this is my first Formicarium, and i'm just a beginner. I was not expecting to build one for a while as I just caught my queens a few days ago (The Formica Subsericea and one of the Camponotus Pennsylvanicas both have egg clutches as of yesterday).
But like I said I came across the mature colony of Camponotus Pennsylvanicas while looking for old photos in my shed and I want to house them as soon as possible. So this project came to me as surprise. I don't want to make mistakes and I certainly don't want to lose the whole colony.
I would think there will be enough air, especially if the nest blocks arent secured to the glass with any form of sealant, even with the top panel in place.. If youre continuing with the wrap ground design, you could go with a second entrance, the ants would most likely block off any spaces if there was too much flow, if they have loose materials to work with.
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