Ant Cannibalism or Mold Epidemic?

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Ant Cannibalism or Mold Epidemic?

Post: # 40803Post PrinceAnt
Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:45 am

Hello there! I'm having a research about ants for my project and I've kept a Black Crazy Ant colony (P. Longicornis) on a test tube and into a little outworld. But what happens here the worker ants suddenly disappear.

Now, I've noticed some worker ants inside the test tube are covered in by some white thing like a web. And they are definitely not moving anymore. The queen and some workers are still alive.

I also seen something like body parts of ants outside the test tube. I've heard ants carry dead workers outside but why do they keep the white covered ants inside the test tube?

Need help! :| The cotton in the test tube has a really very light yellow colour. I'm really confused. Did they eat other ants because I did not give them any protein for the past days?

Thanks for anyone who helps...

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Re: Ant Cannibalism or Mold Epidemic?

Post: # 40811Post antnest8
Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:46 am

how many worker ants do they have left? if i were you i would grab the test tube and get a toothpick and grab the dead workers out yourself. then i would tape a new test tube to theirs with food in it and also the normal setup.

hope they live
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