Updates on ants in Ireland.

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Updates on ants in Ireland.

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Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:36 am

Okay so if anyone has come across a post of mine you probably have noticed my hatred on the lack of i formation we have on our ants outside of species. So as I gain this required info I am going to continuously update this thread for others in Ireland also with these issues.

So today I had a call with Rentokil and they were very helpful in giving some information on nuptial flights. Here in Ireland we can expect flights to take place in summer given we get good heat for it (a heatwave is said to hit us next week) but we can also expect to see flights for the common ants like the black garden ants (lasius niger) and tetramorium caespitum (pavement ants) to have additional flights right into september. 3 consistent days in early september so I was told.

I was also told to check car bonnets. More so ones we may have noticed did not move to recently (hot engines = dead ants :( )

I will be doing more digging. More phone calls and also anything I learn through observation and I will immediately add to this thread.
So do not worry my fellow Irish as we actually have a very big window to catch queens!! And with next weeks supposed heatwave on the way we can be sure to expect Lasius Niger as of the end of next week. If we get at least one day of rain inbetween that is.

I hope this helps and I hope to learn more at a better pace. (Took me 2 weeks to get this info)
Research is important before during and even after you have established a colony. There is always time to learn and to listen to others experiences. Live by this and your ants will thrive. Fail to do so and your experience may be brief.

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