What should my first colony be?

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What should my first colony be?

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Tue Mar 27, 2018 6:58 pm

What should my first ant colony be? I’m in Victoria, Australia. I need a queen that’s native and easy to keep. :)

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Re: What should my first colony be?

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Wed Mar 28, 2018 4:36 am

Here are some of the easiest ants to keep in Australia:

Iridomyrmex Bicknelli
Small ant but very fast growing. Unable to sting, but can bite a bit. Very forgiving of mistakes as well.

Some Iridomyrmex Bicknelli.

Pheidole sp
A lot of variation in size and colours but are forgiving to mistakes, resilient, somewhat fast growing, and have some cool majors. No stinging but majors may bite.

Anonychomyrma sp
Fast growing, no biting or stinging, and somewhat forgiving of mistakes.

A anonychomyrma Queen founding her colony.

If you want a challenge, try a small species of Camponotus, such as Camponotus Consobrinus or Camponotus Aneopilosus.

2x Iridomyrmex Bicknelli
2 x Nylanderia sp
Camponotus Consobrinus
Pheidole sp
Rhytidoponera metallica

Pheidole sp
2x Cremogaster
12x Iridomyrmex Bicknelli
Polyarhis sp

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