New Nest and Sand

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Re: New Nest and Sand

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Sun Aug 23, 2015 12:44 am

First question:
Cover up the rest of the omni nest so its dark and the focus a light on the founding nest so they will want to move out of it to a darker place (make sure you don't get the light too close to them as to over heat and kill them)

Second question:
What kind of sand is it? If you think its been treated with something then don't use it! Dyes or other stuff could kill them. If you've decided to use it (it might make watching them hard because of the color) make sure you boil it so it will kill off anything that might be living in it and during this you might see the dye or what ever they used to color it come off in the boiling water (a for sure sign not to use it.

Most people use regular play sand for their nests.

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