Ant Disruption Required (Not Pet Ants)

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Ant Disruption Required (Not Pet Ants)

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Tue Jan 23, 2024 1:56 am

Hello Team, sorry to ask this from an ant loving crew, but I believe that because you all love them, you’d know the answer to my question.
I’ve always loved ants, scared of getting stung, but absolutely fascinated and loved watching them roam and do things together. I’ve always had a couple ants in my house and I didn’t really mind them as they didn’t really do much to me and they weren’t swarming. I actually liked watching them outside my house eating sugar off the sidewalk.
However, recently they’ve taken a liking to my drawing tablet for some reason and no matter where I move it or how empty I make it of ants, they keep finding it and attacking it again! As much as I love ants, when they become a pest, especially for a reason unknown, some things have to change. Does anyone know how to somehow disrupt or cease their action against my drawing tablet? Even powered off, they seem interested with the electronic device. At this moment, I have it sealed in a box after waiting an hour and throwing all the ants off of the device.
Thanks early for listening!

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