My crematogaster queen has eggs!

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Re: My crematogaster queen has eggs!

Post: # 68275Post timeshell
Sun Mar 08, 2020 5:03 pm

There are 4 nanitics now. There were a few more pupae that should have been ready this week, but it looks like they got eaten. There is a dead one that has been there for a few days now that looks somewhat mangles and oddly the live nanitics are still regularly taking care of it as though it were still in the pupa stage. I had some live fruit flies in the setup for the queen to catch as she has caught some I put in there in the past. But they have been in there for a couple weeks now and now I'm wondering if they were stressing her out. Also, I wonder if they were hungry as I hadn't fed them much in the past couple weeks, anticipating them catching the fruit flies. I removed the live ones and put some half dead ones in with them and the nanitics have gotten to work on them pretty quickly. I also attached a test tube with peach sugar water from a jar of canned peaches for them. There are still some eggs and larvae in various growth stages, but I don't anticipate any new nanitics for at least another month now judging by their current development state. The test tube they are in has been completely dried up now for quite some time but they show no interest as yet to move to the new test tube I put for them quite some time ago. I removed it and put a different clean one in case there was something they didn't like about the other one.

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Re: My crematogaster queen has eggs!

Post: # 71509Post Antmanboy
Mon Jun 15, 2020 8:43 am

Wow good luck on having a flourishing colony of cremtogaster they're cool ants
Queen Bubblehead our Queen harvester ant

Will purchase a carpenter ant colony soon

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