Angry rant about people who like to go with only the bare minimum.

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Re: Angry rant about people who like to go with only the bare minimum.

Post: # 50027Post MorbidBugg
Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:55 am

Ahh this is it the tragedy of time and the one question

What is love and is it deemed a universal truth?

Like for example. Someone who feeds their dogs the best food gives them the best chances for exercise yet beats then when something bad is done. In their eyes due to either a learned experience or ignorance to the repruccusions feel they love their pets as much as the rest... even with that serious discipline attitude and it's very difficult to approach someone civilly and discuss why what they are doing is wrong. Trust me. It's more beneficial to talk to the jerk before you jump over the fence to show him exactly what he did wrong.. even if in most cases you still end up jumping over that fence.

This doesn't even get into the cultural diversity of the mentality of a pet and what that entails. Trust me when I say there's alot of times where I could just scream truths at someone for hours but ultimately know it's pointless as they don't care or refuse to listen
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Re: Angry rant about people who like to go with only the bare minimum.

Post: # 50096Post Hunter36o
Wed Sep 12, 2018 3:24 am

I had to happen Infront of me once. Some dude was walking his German shepherd and I did not even see an issue but he pulled him back and swung a folder piece of paper, but here is the kicker. The dogs drop is what got toe, it instantly hit me the although now it is paper, what was used before to make a dog drop all the way down to the point his neck was on the ground and completely submissive. So I confronted him and ask did he even notice his dogs reaction in public.

Straight away he got defensive and yelled at me it was paper. First I had to deal with his attitude (I'm Irish, do not screen in my face and expect silence to follow) then I explained that it is not the paper. I then had to ask him how proud he was. I always notice that you can get across to anyone when you mention pride. So I ask. "Are you proud enough of your actions even tho it has caused a stranger to confront you and question your methods."
Typically I got no reply and he walked away but he also threw away his paper.

Humans can naturally be horrible to animals but I put that down to a bad coding in our DNA that has never been out grown over time. It takes will to be kind, it take nothing to be cruel.
For example, am I bear's alpha? Yes , but will you notice this when you see us, no. You will not. Why? Because the need for the role of alpha only comes and goes, it is never permanent and this is what people forget. Bear is my big cuddley bear and I am his back scratcher until it involves my 2 year old. That is when my attitude has to change but only slightly, only then do I have to become mildly alpha mode and only as a safe guard in case an accident happens (like my son pulling an ear. It has not happened just an example) I have to be ready to act to make sure bear knows I punish this kind of behaviour and that a reaction is not acceptable from him. And in terms of keeping bear in control I go alpha mode when my son eats. I am not the type were a dog has to be in a different room. They just need to know that it is not their food end of.

This has gotten somewhat off point. Remember love your pets people :lol:
Research is important before during and even after you have established a colony. There is always time to learn and to listen to others experiences. Live by this and your ants will thrive. Fail to do so and your experience may be brief.

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