Received My Omni nest... some thoughts.

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Received My Omni nest... some thoughts.

Post: # 24762Post Canadant
Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:20 pm

Finally received my Omni-nest starter kit. Yikes, didn't ever think it was going to arrive. Luckily test tubes act as great houses for ants while the formicariums arrive by mail :)

First, it's beautiful. Its smaller than you think. It seems well thought out and designed. I love it.

Second, mine came with a small crack. Its on the upper corner of the left side water dispensary :( It's small, less then a cm but I hope it doesn't grow. Perhaps some superglue on it might give some added durability. Thoughts?

Also, I noticed that there is quite a bit of debris between layers. Lots of dust and other things (I got the hair out). Not sure if they found their way in there post shipping or storage or upon assembly. Not to sound picky, but the since the entire omni-nest is clear I would assemble them on a clean no-lint surface and use some plastic gloves. But that's just me. I was thinking of disassembling mine and giving it a wipe. How easy is dis/reassembly?

My bolts are of differing lengths. Not sure if its a design idea or not. I would think there would be 6 bolts for the outside corners so it stands taller and the shorter bolts (not the outworld bolts) for access to chambers etc. I have only three long bolts. The slope is actually so gentle you can't see it that easily. I have the three longer bolts placed at the top so it has a gentle downwards slope. Once again not a deal breaker and perhaps it's actually designed that way (but my longer bold actually came assembled across the bottom).

Question: Do you have your bolts for chamber access facing up (nut on top) or facing down. Which way do you find best and why? I have the outer edge bolts facing down (nuts on the bottom) and the chamber access bolts facing up so I can easily screw/unscrew. However, I don't have a colony yet so perhaps this would be a problem further down the road with picking up the omni-nest to unscrew/replace the bolts.

Price... wow. I love my omni-nest and can't wait to put it into use, but boy did I pay a handsome penny for it. The price (US) plus shipping plus $40.00 duty was a lot when you consider the exchange rate. I'm Canadian and this is coming from 'AntsCanada'. Where's the love Mikey? You Americans have no idea how good you have it. Don't even get me started down the Canada tax road. Ugh.... Anyways, It's just a gripe, but you guys have great products and I want more in the future but at the cost it's a tough decision.

This was all just thoughts and feedback.

Lastly, thanks for helping me feed my rekindled childhood geekyness. Now, I'm off to the other forums to talk ants!!




Re: Received My Omni nest... some thoughts.

Post: # 24771Post Canadant
Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:13 pm

I can't edit my post.

Well, please disregard thee whole Longer bolt issue. Face palm. They're the same length just the layers of the omni-nest make the bolts appear longer/shorter on closer inspection.



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