An idea for omni-nest series

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An idea for omni-nest series

Post: # 21764Post Theantguy13
Thu May 25, 2017 11:15 pm

I have purchased an Omni nest myself, and have not come across this problem yet (none of my colonies have made it to the nest :( ), but I think more than a few people have so I think that this could be a good idea.

What I think would be a great idea is to make a sticky on this sub-forum (The AntsCanada Omni Nest Series) entitled "AC Omni-Nest occupancy guide"
Basically it would be a compilation of everyone who has an Omni nest, they could post a reply to the thread saying the species of ant they keep in it, and at approximately how many workers they needed to add another nest.
This would help many noobs, and even pro ant keepers!
Say if an experienced ant keeper decided to keep a new species in an AC Omni nest, they could reference the thread and see how many workers until they need to add another nest. Or find out how long it would be until they needed a new nest.

People could also add how much time it took for them to outgrow the single nest, or even how many workers could feasibly fit in 2 nests, 3 nests and so on.

Anyway that is my idea, I would greatly appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. Thanks for your time!

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