Illean the two legged queen

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Illean the two legged queen

Post: # 40998Post JakeM0816
Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:10 pm

So I am kicking off this blog to follow a tetramorium Sp. E queen which was captured with only the front pair of legs. She is super funny and acts like all of my other normal tetramorium queens. She has some trouble moving but has raised 1 worker so far as of July 13th. I will continue to update on her colony but as for now, happy ant hunting!
1xPrenolepis imparis
1xformica Palifidulva
1xTetramorium Immigrans
1xCamponatus Pennsylvanicus

4x tetramorium Immigrans
2xFormica Fusca
4xFormica Sp.
2xLasius Umbratus
2x Formica Subcericia

Huntley GAN Farmer :D

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