2 questions related to 2 queens I have

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2 questions related to 2 queens I have

Post: # 35078Post CreeperUniverse
Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:56 pm

So today is pretty much the first warm day in NYC. Today while walking into the park I found a Lasius queen. I know what ant she is because I recognize her colors, but I need to check the name real quick. Is it a good idea to just leave her slightly on a heat pad and wait for her to get going? In addition, my Crematogaster queen that I took out a few months ago still hasn't laid eggs, but is at the brim of running out of water. What's the best way to transfer her? I've always had a lot of trouble with getting ants to move and using tubing etc. Also in the park there was a Prenolepis imparis flight. I stayed an hour to try to find a queen, but had no luck even though thousands of ants could be seen swarming around the trees. Thanks, and ant love forever!

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Re: 2 questions related to 2 queens I have

Post: # 35084Post antnest8
Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:21 pm

i would put some of the test tube on heat and just put your crematogastor queen in a new test tube and put her separate from the other and only check on her every 2-4 weeks (they are very sensitive)

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