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Sourcing raw materials..

Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:49 am
by Antacid
For the ant keepers out there who need to operate within a tight budget I thought i'd take a wander around the town and see what I could find.
The first stop for any keeper on a budget should be the local £1/$1 store. These are a veritable gold mine for materials, I found a huge selection of clear plastic containers ideal for outworlds or mini formicariums. Blocks of Coir that you soak and they swell to enormous proportions. Large bags of vermiculite, you can mix this into plaster of paris to make it more absorbent. Tweezers, brushes and last but not least, A 5kg of childrens sandpit sand.
I buy my plaster of paris from my local art shop, it seems to be around the same price wherever you buy it at about £5 - kg.
My last stop was 'The Emporium' a large charity shop where I purchased 5 x framed pictures for the princely sum of £1, when I got outside broke them all open, threw away the frames and pictures and bagged the sheets of glass, not bad, nearly a 1m2 of clear glass for £1.
I have 2 founding queens so I'm going to make 2 x founding chambers on a shoestring, I'll post the results and you can let me know what you think.