need help on ant care

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need help on ant care

Post: # 72655Post rakuichijou
Fri Jul 31, 2020 4:10 am

Hey guys yester day i got a package that my dad sent me from manila inside the box I found ant.Just so you know my dad did not put them inside so I know my they moved in side it.I proceed to put them in a test tube at first I thought they are ghost ants after some research I was shocked because I found put they they were tapinoma sessile th.ey are hard to find here in our part if the Philippine.So I was wondering if you know how to care for them?at first they like sugar water that all because I just found them today. :mrgreen:
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Re: need help on ant care

Post: # 72792Post BlueLance
Wed Aug 05, 2020 11:30 pm

I mean it will depend if your lucky enough and got a queen.

Sadly I know othing about the species, but if they have workers/nanitics then your at least in some luck.

Sugars are almost always going to be a requirement, after that though is finding proteins they can eat, Fruit Flies are always a good start, if you have them in a set up and are worried about how to feed them, if you can put their set up in a bigger container, and place a straw through the cotton at the end you can use the container as a makeshift outworld and place foods and sugars there without worrying about it causing mould in the tube or scaring them too much.

Thats all the advice I can give, hopefully someone with experience on them will be able to help.

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