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Cought 3 camponotus queens today, back to back, My first time!

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 5:38 pm
by irishwheels
Well, today marked a time in my life where I caught my first queens...........THREE to be exact.

So I work part-time at a golf course in Oregon, We have obviously a lot of trees, With trees all over I decided Im going to try my best to find something.

earlier this month I stumbled on a Camponotus ant colony in a dead tree, that was blown over by a storm, probably at least 3000 + ants, Had Majors, and workers... I tried my best to find the queen but was unable too, Poor guys probably died out because of course, I had to remove the wood.

So anyway, This really fueled me into wanting to catch my first queen. So I ordered

The standard Tubes and they arrived yesterday. So, of course, I brought them to work

Today, While working I drove around on our Mule 4x4 looking for old wood. I ran across a nice smaller fallen tree... I starting tearing off the bark and soon realized the entire center was just pretty much sawdust. I could just scope the tree out from the inside,

I searched for about 5 minutes and ended up getting stung by a BEE, So I was freaking out thinking that this perfect tree must have a bee nest somewhere near it or inside.

After about 2 hours of annoying pain in my finger from this bee. I said to my self, Im going to try again. So I grabbed out the chain saw and cut about 3 feet off of this dead tree and put it in the back of the mule and drove off away from that area in case of the bees. Trust me I was moving fast when I did this.

I drove about 100 yards away and walked to the back of the Mule and boom. There was no crap, a queen ant just sitting on the log staring at me. I LOST it. I scooped it up quick, but I think I might have hurt her Gastor, There seemed to be what looked like a piece falling off, Kind of like a shell... So I was upset. But then I thought there might be more ants in this little 3 feet log.

So I started to break off pieces, BOOM another in here little hole, and guess what she was carrying a pupa in here mandibles, Put her in the test tube. She was perfect.

Anyone found another in the same 3 feet log.

So now my questions.

With these AC Basic Test tube pack... Does that little line almost in the center show where I should fill the water up too?

Also, these test tubes seem very small will it fit these ants? Because these queens are longer than my fingernail. When they turn around inside the tube, they are like a semi-truck totally jackknifing,

I also used tap water from my sink, do you think that's fine?


Re: Cought 3 camponotus queens today, back to back, My first time!

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:41 pm
by irishwheels
OMG IS that an Egg already! she already popped on out for me!

Question: since she always has a pupa that probably means she's been laying eggs for at least probably a month now right?
Does that mean I will need to feed her sooner because she has already been working so hard, and has to pretty much restart?


Also, is this enough room for her? Or should I dump some water out?

Re: Cought 3 camponotus queens today, back to back, My first time!

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 12:17 am
by cheetawolf
First of all congrats, ive been trying to find a camponotus for 2 years now and i havent found any haha.

2nd the cotton that is on the outside of the test tube is too much, the test tube is a good size for her, but you havent given her enough space, when she has her first workers i imagine its gonna be very hard to feed them.

3rd, no dont feed them yet, when she has her first workers is when you can give her some honey and a cricket leg, make sure to fut a platter like aluminum foil, so the food doesnt spread around.

and 4th dont check on her too often she needs peace and quiet during this founding stage, i recommend every 3 weeks. once she has workers feed then every week, and make sure to remove food after 24 hours.

have fun

Re: Cought 3 camponotus queens today, back to back, My first time!

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 3:10 pm
by irishwheels
So, my 2 other queens, I got. I have not layed any eggs yet.

Its been about 24 hours in the tube now.

My first queen, however already has 2 eggs plus the pupa I caught her with.

Should I be worried yet that the other 2 haven't layed any?

Re: Cought 3 camponotus queens today, back to back, My first time!

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 12:33 am
by cheetawolf
if both are dealates then it should be fine, all queens have their own pace. just don't bother them too much.