HELP! My ants aren't eating!

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HELP! My ants aren't eating!

Post: # 55848Post ShadowArrow01
Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:35 am

I got my ants (Camponotus Irritans, I named the Twilight Tribe) less than 6 months ago when they had 10 members. :D I realised that my ants do not fancy honey, sugar water, fruit jam, fruits, and other sugar sources. They crowd around it the first day, and then loses interest in the specific source the next. :cry: :? That can be worrying enough, but what I am really concerned about is that they won't accept protein sources. :( I tried (gassed) mealworms I found online (packaged but still juicy), fried eggs, hot spring eggs (because I thought that the fried eggs might be too dry ;) ), but with little success. :| The ants did show a little bit of interest in the hot spring eggs by taking a tiny sip, but then ignores it completely afterwards. The first major came at about 3 months (which was a later than usual according to the person who sold me the ants), which can indicate that they do lack protein. :oops: And since I got the ants, their population dropped by 2 workers, down to 8. :oops: Which can also suggest that they lack protein. :oops: What should I do? Is this normal? Please help!!

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Re: HELP! My ants aren't eating!

Post: # 55857Post madmax
Wed Feb 13, 2019 4:49 am

i'm not an expert of ant keeping, cz i'm actually new to this. but have u try to leave them in a dark place? i heard that ants didnt really like to be exposed

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Re: HELP! My ants aren't eating!

Post: # 55880Post JoeHostile1
Thu Feb 14, 2019 7:18 am

All ants will eat sugar water. And you need to feed them bugs. That’s what they eat. Forget about the eggs. You can give them food like that once in a while for variety, but their main diet is bugs. But I think they have been eating because to even make a major they have to feed the larvae more than a normal worker ant. Trust me 10 ants do not need a lot of food.
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