I need help for starting my acromyrmex colony

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I need help for starting my acromyrmex colony

Post: # 54703Post Egemen
Mon Dec 10, 2018 1:42 pm

Hi I am from Turkey ı will buy a acromyrmex queen I have a few questions about this

*which leave perfect for fungus

*What are the problems I may encounter

*queen or fungsu may die for reasons such as

I use translate because my english is not so good

I am new member I am a new member and would like to meet you

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Re: I need help for starting my acromyrmex colony

Post: # 54804Post antnest8
Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:24 pm

Welcome and Hello Egemen!

It is great to see you here. Most of us here don't advise buying ants not native to your area because It can cause an invasive species outbreak and It can be really stressful on your ants. I do know some stuff about acromemex though so I will help where i can.
First If this is going to be your first ant colony I advise that you try some easier species first just because this is a hard species to keep
Second Be careful when buying the colony since If you just buy a queen she might not make the trip from stress and this species keeps fungus pellets in there crops (mouths) where they can us it to make a garden but some queens fungus pellets don't grow or the queens don't have them at all! You might want to get a mature colony. also many of these species of ants have a preferred food such as a certain type of leaf or flower pedal and in you area these plants might not grow leaving the ants with no fertilizer for their fungus. For more information check this post on a separate forum.
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