My Small Ant Colony is Dying and I have No Idea Why

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My Small Ant Colony is Dying and I have No Idea Why

Post: # 50855Post Zacharous
Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:11 pm

Alright guys i'm completely at a loss here.

I have a camponotus fragilis queen with some workers in a test tube inside of a very small (pencil case) sized container with ventilation. I got the species from a GAN farmer in LA who has been doing this for many years. I got them about 3 weeks ago and everything seemed fine until i noticed yesterday upon coming home from school that almost all of the workers were on their backs struggling to get back on their feet. i noticed one of the 8 total workers doing this the night before, i thought it was just an old ant coming to it's end but now almost all of them were doing this. I contacted the seller of these girls and he said it sounds like poisoning. I removed all food (100% raw honey & leftover mealworm bits), removed the setup from my closet, and moved them to a different part of the room. About 20 mins go by and they all were back on their feet accept the one that started doing this the first time, she passed away. The rest of the day went by and no more weird ant disorientation. The next morning two more had died and 2 more were on their backs about to die. I removed the honey (which it sounds to me this is the problem) and they're still on their backs.

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I'm thoroughly following the care sheet which was provided, I'm using a Zoo Med heating cable like the one on Tarheel Ants. They're being stored in a dark area as well. I have no idea what to do here guys. Any help would be great!

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