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Learn how to obtain ant colonies for your formicariums or sell your ant colonies locally in a legal and ecologically-friendly manner through the GAN Project.

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Special Pricing

Post: # 40074Post JackieB
Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:35 pm

If you post prices as a GAN farmer, are you able to put additional comments on the post?

I'm interested in offering lower prices for educators. I live in Colorado and we have a terrible law caller TABOR. It makes it almost impossible to raise state funding for schools. But I also know many dedicated public school teachers who spend money out of their own pockets to get class projects and supplies.

When I was in grade school my love for insects and science was founded and I would love to make it easier for teachers to get cool projects for their classes so the next generation of bug lovin' folks can be assured.

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Re: Special Pricing

Post: # 48274Post netfork
Wed Aug 22, 2018 1:58 pm

I would gladly comment on this matter. I was a teacher myself and I was amazed how much money I have spent the first year. I had to buy the classroom supplies because some children forget theirs at times. I had to make some renovation works in the classroom because the tables were outdated and I wanted my learners to know only the cutting edge information. I also had to print out the hand-outs for very lesson. I didn’t mind dosing so before I took a look at my paycheck that didn’t cover the cost of all the supplies I bought nearly. The worst thing was that I had to take a short-term loan to cover the debt on the credit card because I couldn't budget well with all the money I have spent in the classroom. The only good that I took from my school experience was the payday loans at http://northnloans.ca/ online that I applied for and learned to become more financially independent.

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