New to Queen selling

Learn how to obtain ant colonies for your formicariums or sell your ant colonies locally in a legal and ecologically-friendly manner through the GAN Project.

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New to Queen selling

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Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:33 pm

Hey, I'm new to the forms and all of this fun jazz. I just had a few questions before signing up to GAN in the next year or two. I've been keeping ants for a bit now and was starting to wonder what the selling community looks like. Right now i only have carpenter ants (but am looking into getting others of my locals) I live in MO and i know it can vary from area to area but was wondering if anyone had any idea about
A. how quickly they tend to sell
B. For how much should they be sold for
C. does it matter how many our listed at a time, like is it better to just list a couple then update it when their gone or just list all im willing to part with from the get go.

Thanks for any responses and tips
Ant love forever. : D

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