Arizona GAN Farmer (Apache Junction)

Learn how to obtain ant colonies for your formicariums or sell your ant colonies locally in a legal and ecologically-friendly manner through the GAN Project.

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Arizona GAN Farmer (Apache Junction)

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Mon Jan 07, 2019 2:03 pm

Hi everyone (esp. my fellow Zonies)

Just want you all to know that I am going to try being a GAN for Arizona starting this year!

I live in Apache Junction, which is just east of Phoenix near Superstition Mountains. I imagine once we get through winter the first Queens I will have access to will be Solenopsis Invicta. I am already getting supplies ordered and ready to go for Queen Collection. I will of course be looking out for other species and may even include termites.

I will keep everyone posted, for now we are having a cold winter for us and most everything is just trying to stay warm!

If you are here in AZ and you have a wish list please by all means post it here and I will see what I can do for you this coming spring/summer. This will also help me know what the demand for queens are here and help me prepare!

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