Nuptial Flight Schedule In Portugal - November 2016 1st Week

Where and when are you finding queen ants? A section to share nuptial flight schedules by ant species and locality

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Nuptial Flight Schedule In Portugal - November 2016 1st Week

Post: # 14406Post KAMINOAN
Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:14 pm

Hey Portugal friends next week there will be Lots of Nuptial Flights every where In the following cyties, be sure to go out hunt and be sure you have where to put them after the catch. The ants will fly at morning after next days rains, I recommend you to take a walk and try to find wind colonies and map them before the rain, and if you are able, bring home some species workers and take very good pictures of :
  • Head - Side and Front point of View;
  • Torax - Side and Top View;
  • Petiole/s - Side View;
  • Gaster - Side and Top View;
And make sure you ID the ants. You can log in at and from the Link get all your country species: When you got the list and You have open the images link you can now google imgs by the names and try to find out by yourself what species does the ant look alike, take a good look at Head, Torax Petiole/s and Gaster and find names and bring to us here at AC forum your guess and we will confirm for you (show us pictures). Don't forget to tell us the place so we can visit too xD.

Go back to the wild nest with awareness and be sure to find pats and look around corners and stones remember to don't catch them too close to the nest because they might be leaving or going for it to copulate. If you choose to caught them at the nest remember to mix males and queen alates from different nests of the same species (not recommended, this way they may copulate but not for sure and you wont be successful). If you did the map you can trace the path between same species colonies and be on those tracks because thats where you gonna find the most Queens.

Good Luck and Keep us informed about the places you find ants.

Cya next rain :P

*(Pt) Penso não ser preciso traduzir mas qualquer coisa digam e eu traduzo.


Re: Nuptial Flight Schedule In Portugal - November 2016 1st Week

Post: # 14510Post jmtama
Wed Nov 02, 2016 5:11 pm

Can confirm the thread, found like 8 queens in a row 5 days ago but only had place for 3 of them :( (I´m about to post some pictures because i need help with the ID) but they sure are out there!

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