Hoping soon-to-be keeper in Ohio

Where and when are you finding queen ants? A section to share nuptial flight schedules by ant species and locality

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Hoping soon-to-be keeper in Ohio

Post: # 77203Post Zehwarlock
Fri Apr 30, 2021 9:23 pm

Just got the -bug- for giving ant keeping a try, and having no experience whatsoever in identifying ants, I am having trouble finding info on whether or not I would still have time to hunt for queens in my area (Near Akron Ohio).

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Re: Hoping soon-to-be keeper in Ohio

Post: # 77205Post AM1C39
Fri Apr 30, 2021 9:31 pm

The queens will be having nuptial flights now to October so you should be able to find one if you look hard enough.
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Re: Hoping soon-to-be keeper in Ohio

Post: # 77228Post cjerg9
Sun May 02, 2021 4:15 am

My tips for finding queens would be:
-Look for queens early in the morning or in the afternoon this is when most ants have their nupital flights
-nupital flights will generally occur after rainfall followed by a warm and humid day this is the best weather to find queens
-they are easiest to spot on bare batches of dirt or on gravel/concrete side walks
-if you worried about knowing which are queens or not I’d just catch any large/slow moving ants that you come across, they may not be queens, but we can always tell you on this forum
-always take some sort of container or bottle to catch them with when you go outside you’ll never know what you find
-if your lucky enough you may even be able to spot them flying in the sky and follow them until they land they usually fly without direction and just “zip” around kinda like a wasp does

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