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Post: # 51280Post Bierschneeman
Sun Sep 23, 2018 2:13 pm

AntsDakota wrote:
Thu Sep 20, 2018 6:46 pm
Bierschneeman wrote:
Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:45 am
actually the Ponera is the one I am most interested in.

(well, also the Stigmatomma)
as these two are of two subfamilies not as easily encountered in the USA. You have plenty of Myrmicinae, and plenty of Formicinae, but these two stand out as harder to find. (Here its those two and Dolcherdinae that are easy.)

How did you come across them? Nuptials? or purchased perhaps through GAN?

You mentioned several years of attempting to keep the Ponera. Is this the same colony through those years, or have you gone through several?
How old is that small colony?
Ponera pennsylvanica is actually very common in my area. I also came upon a S. pallipes colony once, but they died.
that makes sense, regional specialty.
i bet i get a whole lot more Dolcherdinae's than you. Trachymyrmex is also very abundant but no where near you. and i keep finding pseudomyrmex in the woods.
3 Solenopsis I/X
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1 Brachymyrmex patagonicus
1 Pheidole soritis
1 Tapinoma sessile

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