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pogonomyrmex sp. Ant Journals

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Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:16 pm

Week 4
WE HAVE LARVAE !!!!!!!!! :o :D :D :D :D :D
Housing-Tub and tube set-up
Brood- Eggs & LARVAE :lol:
Temp:80 degrees F

I'm so happy you guys!!! When I went to check on her today I SAW LARVAE!!!!!! :o :lol:
Most of the larva were close to the test tube cotton (I could not get a good picture in time). But, I did manage to get one of them in a picture before the queen ran over to cover it. She did not like the light and seemed stressed. So, I quickly covered them back up.
Every three days; I clean out the tub (exoskeletons & unused food that can go bad) and add more food.
I've been doing my best to leave her in peace. I only remove test tube cover once a week to take pictures (takes about 15 seconds).
It seems to be working too! In just 22 days I have LARVAE!!! ;)
Here are the pictures I took today. The queen rushed to cover her larva. It's right where the light glare is at. Sorry it's so hard to see. I did not have much time...

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