New englanders journal. (Chomp231)

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New englanders journal. (Chomp231)

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Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:30 pm

A few days ago i found a couple of aphids on plants ive been starting, a couple days ago i had baught some kale from a local plant sale, you might see where this is going. This morning i woke up looked at those kale plants and all over the plants are aphids. So what did i do? I grabbed a small test tube (like object), and go to picking off some aphids to try to get a colony going. Only news to report is my big ants, alot of the ants didnt make it over the winter (out of around 10 i have 2). I will probobly need to find a better way of winterizing my ants (temp controlled setup), although in a 200 year old house i don't know how well that endeavor will go. I have a powerful heating tool (i got my hands on for free off craigslist some brain power and muscles) that i plan on turning into a smeltery, this should help to make a mostly sealed cabinet, with +3500 degrees f, ill be able to make metal peices instead of wood. Also allowing me to make a little cuircuit control box to have a arduino temp control it eventually. And of course add an ant cabinet when ever i want to my setup. All sorts of things are coming along.

My eventual plans involve getting a small cnc machine, for making my own cuircuit boards and other needed tech. Also allowing me to manufacture better homemade self designed formicariums. The furnace and cnc machine mixed might allow me to make a ant "mating chamber" where i can seal it and mimic pressure etc. to enduce mating. Having a aphid/ ant colony is going to be the step i take after getting a established colony up and running.

Ps. Lesson learned dont transplant ants with in a month (i did it 20 days before hibernation) of sticking them in hibernation, atleast two woulfd be better. Also sticking them in a insulated cooler does not work the best for humidity change, even if it keeps them at the right temperature.

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