Camponotus Novaboracensis Journal

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Re: Camponotus Novaboracensis Journal

Post: # 30142Post AntsOntario
Fri Aug 25, 2017 11:21 am

A lot has happened, and a lot of things are about to happen. Both of my Formica queens now have 2 workers. My Camponotus & Tetramorium are also doing well. They're both welcoming their second round of workers. Sadly, this was only a summer project, and there's no way I can keep all of these colonies long-term. Someone reached out to me, and didn't have my ants in their area. So then we made a deal. I give my:

- Camponotus Colony
- Formica Pallidefulva Colony
- Formica Fusca Colony,
- 2 Myrmica Rubra Queens
- 1 Formica Fusca Queen
For their

- Prenelopis Imparis Colony,
- & Tetramorium Colony

I know this may seem unfair, but I don't really need all of my colonies. I'll be sure to make a new topic to update you guys on my new colonies though. It's a bitter sweet moment, because I have grown to love my Camponotus colony. This is why ant keeping is so awesome. I never thought I could be so attached to ants, but I'm glad I am! You enjoy the little things, and you don't even notice.

So pumped to have ants that are active in the winter though! :D
I hope all of my colonies will be happy at their new home!! I toke some pics of them, so you guys can enjoy the last post with them <3


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Re: Camponotus Novaboracensis Journal

Post: # 30194Post Rhetorik
Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:52 am

Good luck with the new colonies.
Yaaas my queen

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Re: Camponotus Novaboracensis Journal

Post: # 30380Post Gavinthesheep1234567
Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:47 pm

I also have a colony of Camponotus noveboracensis I have a journal on myrms ant nest website here is the link I don't have a journal on there for the Camponotus noveboracensis yet but I have one for my l neoniger hopefully soon I will have one for my Camponotus noveboracensis soon
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