Formica123's Lasius Niger (Lots of Queens!)

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Formica123's Lasius Niger (Lots of Queens!)

Post: # 1610Post formica123
Thu Aug 06, 2015 2:14 pm

Hey guys!
Recently weve had a lot of Lasius Niger flights here!
I was very excited and then when it happened ive noticed just how small the queens produced this year were, perhaps half the size of last years!
A lot of them have also been dying, i blame this on the pesticides theyve been spraying near me this year, as all the other years they havent been spraying they were fine :? :evil:
Anyway, collected myself 24 queens from the UK floghts this year, i will keep 1 successful colony and give the others away to people i know.
They are in the usual test tube setup, mostly in singles however 3 have 2 queens inside to see how this goes.
Wish me luck guys!
Im using the nest i was supposed to give to the Formica colony, as its the perfect size for them. :lol:

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