Lasius niger queens update: It has begun!

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Lasius niger queens update: It has begun!

Post: # 63966Post LadyManga
Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:30 pm

The nanitics of Queen Antoinette and Queen Antonia have arrived! I'm such a big kid, I got genuinely excited when I opened up the box I keep the test tubes in to see these girls all running around. it looks like Queen Antoinette has the larger colony, so I'll probably keep her and put Queen Antonia up on the GAN project (unless the nursery I'll be working at expresses interest in me keeping them there). Queen Antigone doesn't appear to have laid any eggs or taken off her wings yet so we'll see where she's at in another couple weeks.

2 x Lasius niger queens
> Queen Antoinette - claustral stage - ~15 nanitics + brood
> Queen Antonia - claustral stage - ~10 nanitics + brood
1 x Tetramorium caespitum queen
> Queen Antigone - claustral stage - no eggs

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