Ant Colony Round 2

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Ant Colony Round 2

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Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:06 am


Location: Brisbane.
Suburb Toowong.
Caught a 10mm long Queen in my Carpark as I was about to go out. Time around 1915.
The air was thick, heavy, humid and still. Perfect for nupital flights. I saw another queen skittle by as I exited my apartment, but a female neighbour was also leaving hers, I have a reputation to maintain (ahhh, the stigma of antkeeping!)

When I got back 1 hour later I did a walkabout of the surrounding area, including the nearby trainstation and shopping centre. I saw plenty of dying male ants. There must be thousands of them...but no Queens? Drats, the nupital flight is over already. I caught 2 male ants and placed them into a test tube. Hopefully they are of the same species. Whats the male female distribution? 10000:1?

During the walkabout, I passed this dude wearing totally inappropriate getup for the humid weather, a vest with multiple pockets, jeans, red shirt and a backpack, by that new apartment block. We were looking down at the grown, very intensely, didnt notice him until I just about walked past him. Good chance he was also out anthunting... If you're reading this gimme a hoy!

Once home, test-tube setup created. She went straight to the cotton and drank from it. I introduced the males, but they do not seem interested in each other.

Hopefully this would be a much more successful colony. Lets hope for a few things: firstly that she has already done her slutty thing and is very fertile; 2ly, if the colony is successful, it does not succumb to the dreaded Colony Collapse Disorder which happened to my first colony documented somewhere in this forum. After reading in the forums, this seems to be much more common then I had realised.

Still have to id this species. Hopefully it isn't Argentine (it seems too big to be an AA sp). Will post piccies in a few weeks when I scrounge up enough funds to get macro gear.

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Re: Ant Colony Round 2

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Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:46 pm

Good luck!
"God made every kind of wild beasts and every kind of livestock and every kind of creeping things;" (including ants) "and God saw that it was good." Genesis 1:25

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