Myrmica Rubra not coming out the nest?

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Myrmica Rubra not coming out the nest?

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Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:29 pm

So I've had my (around) 50 strong Myrmica Rubra colony for about a year. I'll be going away for about a week soon, so I upgraded them from a kinda crappy acrylic nest to a larger ytong one, which I hope will hold water a lot longer for them, it also seems to make the air a lot more humid, which M.Rubra are defiantly fans of. However, since I moved them in I've noticed they've become a lot more sluggish: they previously had at least one or two ants hanging outside or by the water feeder at all times, but now the outworld is empty. and I haven't actually seen any of them out the nest since, although someone is putting out the garbage, so I know they must be. So, my question basically is, does anyone know what might have caused them to act like this? Should I be worried, or are they just more comfortable in their nest now? Ty in advance for any help.
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