Queens stressed and not laying eggs

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Queens stressed and not laying eggs

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I'm very new here and could not find any other post about this topic in the few minutes I went over the titles. I hope this is oke.

I have been keeping ants for about 8 months now and I started with a few queens I caught myself outside, they have been doing fine and are at a decent size. I also wanted to get some other ants so I ordered different species online, they all arrived alive and fine in a tubes setup. I had most of them move to another tube since the water ran out or there was some moldy stuff on the cotton. They were quite hesitant to move but I carefully moved them over. Ever since they have been in there, I kept them in a separate tube(obviously) in a little box with some towels in my room, I check on them once a week very shortly.

So what is my problem you ask, well, none of them have laid any eggs. Every time I check on them they look stressed and I can see they have been pulling on the cotton on both the water side and the other side. I don't know what to do, it has been over two months and I feel like they are too stressed out.

Do you have any tips for me to do so they might be less stressed?


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Re: Queens stressed and not laying eggs

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Don't Check On Them For A Couple Of Weeks
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